IDIOM 2010

Volume 4  |  2010 [PDF]


Editor’s Note

“Language of Silence: The Unspeakable in Frost’s ‘Mowing’ and Plath’s ‘Mushrooms'” by Claire Marie Stancek

“A Journey of Perspective: Escaping The Waste Land” by Brent Stait-Gardner

“The Symbolism of Sleep in Samuel Daniel’s ‘Sonnet 49’ and Sir Philip Sidney’s ‘Sonnet 39′” by Mathura Sabanayagam

“Ekphrasis as a Critical Lens: Wilde’s Treatment of Paterian Aesthetics” by Riley Quinn

“Crossing Moral Ground with Wallace Stegner and Barry Lopez” by Alyssa Chrastina

“Rebuilding Ruins: Two Approaches to Liminality in Arrow of God” by Emily Hass

“‘Sole Partner and Sole Part:’ Hierarchy and Peerage in Paradise Lost” by Natasha Nardone


Amanda Lord, Editor-in-Chief

Marie Nutter, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Meghan Parker, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Zalika Reid-Benta, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Simon Bredin, Associate Editor

Siobhan DaSilva, Associate Editor

Anne Song, Associate Editor

Julia Lewis, Managing Editor

Natalia Banoub, Publicist


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