The Focus of IDIOM

The Focus of Idiom is scholarship on the texts and contexts of literature and literary studies. However, the essays published in the journal are not restricted to any single specific field of disciplinary inquiry; rather, Idiom welcomes submissions that engage in interdisciplinary approaches from the perspectives of fields as diverse as history, philosophy, political science and beyond. This might include essays dealing with specific literary forms, the impact of historical contexts on works of literature or literary production, philosophy of/in literature, the ways in which literature or literary study can illuminate the practice/theory of other disciplines, etc. Idiom seeks to produce a journal that is both accessible and informative to students of literature and literary study; in the case that the Editorial Board feels that your essay submission does not reflect the Focus of Idiom, you may be notified and invited to submit another essay.


Literature in languages other than English

All essays submitted to Idiom must be written in English. In order to make your essay most accessible to our readers, all quotations in languages other than English should be accompanied by an English translation immediately following the quotation in the original language. If possible, please use (and properly acknowledge) a published translation.

If you have any questions regarding your specific submission, please don’t hesitate to contact idiom.submissions(at) .