IDIOM 2018

Volume 12  |  2018 [PDF]


Editor-in-Chief: Maria Al-Raes

Deputy Editor-in-Chief: Leyland Rochester

Assistant Editor-in-Chief: Shir Zisckind

Managing Editor: Sara Koruthu

Associate Editor: Olivia Anderson-Clarke

Associate Editor: Emma Duffee

Associate Editor: Lucy Fang

Associate Editor: Vivian Li

Associate Editor: Hilary Lo

Associate Editor: Aneeka Sihra

ESU-IDIOM Liaison: Victoria Nicholls

Designer: Becky Caunce

Contributors: Audrey Chen, Jonathan Dick, Christina Eom, Hyeonji Kim, Fay Lin, Josh Scott, Isabelle Zhu

Academic Advisor: Professor Thomas Keymer

Special Thanks To: Dr. Vikki Visvis

Printing: Coach House Books


Editor’s Note

“The Tension Between Contact and Isolation in Don DeLillo’s Zero K: Two Opposing Models of Language, One Coexistent Form” by Josh Scott

“The Inertia of Innocence in William Blake’s ‘The Chimney Sweeper’ Poems” by Audrey Chen

“Puppy Love: The Subversive, Intersubjective Relationship Between a Boy and His Dog in Jesmyn Ward’s Salvage the Bones” by Jonathan Dick

“Professional Mandate and the Three Faces of Individual Will” by Christina Eom

“Misanthropic Hierarchies: An Examination of New Words in Gulliver’s Travels” by Hyeonji Kim

“Pain and Women’s Testimony as the Unspeakable: Voice at the Limits of Transitional Justice in Beatrice Culleton Mosionier’s In Search of April Raintree” by Fay Lin

“Melancholic Travelling in Richard Brome’s The Antipodes: Encountering Otherness in Search of Utopia” by Isabelle Zhu