IDIOM 2017

Volume 11  |  2017 [PDF]


Editor-in-Chief: Victoria Evangelista

Deputy Editor-in-Chief: Maria Al-Raes

Assistant Editor-in-Chief: Dina Ginzburg

Managing Editor: Benjamin Rabishaw

Associate Editor: Lola Borissenko

Associate Editor: Eden Church

Associate Editor: Emma Duffee

Associate Editor: Shrikha Khemani

Associate Editor: Leyland Rochester

Associate Editor: Shir Zisckind

ESU-IDIOM Liaison: Elena Matas

Designer: Becky Caunce

Contributors: Emily Deibert, Brock Edwards, Adam Gregory, Eleanor Lazarova, Stuart Oakes, Justine Pileggi, Edward Sakowsky, Cara Schacter

Academic Advisor: Professor Thomas Keymer

Special Thanks To: Dr. Vikki Visvis

Printing: Coach House Books


Editor’s Note

“Unspeakable, but Not Unwritten: Representing Trauma in Theresa Hak Kyung Cha’s Dictee” by Emily Deibert

“Fording the River: The Barthesian Text and Alice Munro’s ‘Meneseteung’” by Brock Edwards

“The Object-Oriented Interspaces and Interspecies of H.G. Wells’ The Island of Dr. Moreau” by Adam Gregory

“The Last Refuge: The Revelatory Nature of Irony in David Foster Wallace’s ‘Good Old Neon’” by Eleanor Lazarova

“‘Everything’s Good,’ or, A Comparative Analysis of Paranoid and Reparative Reading in the Lyrics of Chief Keef and Chance the Rapper” by Stuart Oakes

“Resisting Stereotypes and Racism in Gene Luen Yang’s YA Graphic Novel, American Born Chinese” by Justine Pileggi

“Yeatsian Anti-Subjectivity: Concealing the Solipsistic Ego through the Anthropomorphic Poetic Tradition in ‘The Rose of the World’” by Edward Sakowsky

“Erecting Masculinity: The Social Construction of Gender in ‘A Talk of Ten Wives on Their Husbands’ Ware’” by Cara Schacter