IDIOM 2016

Volume 10  |  2016 [PDF]


Editor-in-Chief: Grace Gesualdo

Deputy Editor-in-Chief: Victoria Evangelista

Assistant Editor-in-Chief: Mitch Cram

Managing Editor: Edward Sakowsky

Associate Editor: Maria Al-Raes

Associate Editor: Lola Borissenko

Associate Editor: Leelan Farhan

Associate Editor: Dina Ginzburg

Associate Editor: Ira Halpern

ESU-IDIOM Liaison: Kary Cozens

Designer: Becky Caunce

Contributors: Peter Angelinos, Samuel Cullen, Emily Deibert, Rebecca Dyck, Jesse Eckerlin, Carling Fraser, and Lauren Peat

Academic Advisor: Professor Thomas Keymer

Special Thanks To: Dr. Vikki Visvis

Printing: Coach House Books


Editor’s Note

“The Upper Hand: Gloves and Moral Good in Bleak House” by Carling Fraser

“Elucidating The Death Drive: A Psychoanalytic Interpretation of Samuel Beckett’s Endgame” by Samuel Cullen

“Reframing History through the Gothic in Chester Brown’s Louis Riel: A Comic-Strip Biography” by Emily Deibert

“From Creator to Re-Creator: Redefining the Künstlerroman Through Harriet the Spy and King of Shadows” by Rebecca Dyck

“Irving Layton’s ‘The Cold Green Element,’ ‘The Fertile Muck,’ and ‘Ex-Nazi’: From Poet Prophecies to the Poetics of Encounter” by Jesse Eckerlin

“Towards Iñupiaq Literary Nationalism: A Tribal-Centered Reading of Never Alone” by Peter Angelinos

“Territories of Voice: Speech and Language in Frost and Williams” by Lauren Peat