IDIOM 2015

Volume 9  |  2015 [PDF]


Editor-in-Chief: Halyna Chumak

Deputy Editor-in-Chief: Grace Gesualdo

Assistant Editor-in-Chief: Lauren Peat

Managing Editor: Charles Dalrymple-Fraser

Associate Editor: Martina Bellisario

Associate Editor: Mitch Cram

Associate Editor:  Victoria Evangelista

Associate Editor: Ira Halpern

Associate Editor: Austin Washburn

ESU-IDIOM Liaison: Nicholas Morra

Designer: Becky Caunce

Contributors: Tori Carlisle, Philippe Pamela Dungao, Natalie Lai, Meg Ready-Walters, Jessico Scifo, Mariam J. Sheikh

Academic Advisor: Professor Thomas Keymer

Special Thanks To: Dr. Vikki Visvis

Printing: Coach House Press


Editor’s Note

“A Woman of Her Time: Henry Medwall’s Fulgens and Lucres and the Marriage of Consent” by Tori Carlisle

“Reading Lucrece’s Nightmare: Sensory Interplay and Condensation in Shakespeare’s The Rape of Lucrece” by Natalie Lai

“Masculinities and the Man of Sentiment: Gender Performance and Capital Gain in A Sentimental Journey Through France and Italy” by Jessica Scifo

“‘A Remarkable Document’: Writing’s Materiality and the Presentation of Truth in The Woman in White” by Meg Ready-Walters

“Bridging the Parallax Gap in Asian-Canadian Literature: Thought and Being in Fred Wah’s Diamond Grill” by Mariam J. Sheikh

“The Displacement of Return: Examining the Transnational Space of War and Trauma in Hannah Moscovitch’s This is War” by Philippe Pamela Dungao




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