IDIOM 2009

Volume 3  |  2009 [PDF] [Cover]


Editor’s Note

“Negativity in Alain Robbe-Grillet’s Jealousy and Paul Celan’s ‘Deathfugue’ and ‘Streak’ ” by Roseen Giles [PDF]

Trivia: Ambiguity and the Convergence of Authority” by Alison Chapman [PDF]

“The Dramaturgy of Vomit in Cymbeline and Ram Alley” by David Bowden [PDF]

“A Fortunate Dialect: Class, Language, and Survival in Defoe’s Moll Flanders” by Jennifer Chaskavich [PDF]

“ ‘Ora pro nobis’: The Public Expansion of the Private Portuguese Voyage in Os Lusíadas” by Rodrigo Toromoreno [PDF]



Misha Teramura, Editor-in-Chief

Victoria Woolner, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Amanda Lord, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Marie Nutter, Associate Editor

Meghan Parker, Associate Editor

Anne Song, Associate Editor

Zalika Reid-Benta, Managing Editor


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