IDIOM 2007

Volume 1 | 2007 [PDF]



First Year Essay

“Humanity’s Unprogressive Change in Waiting for Godot” by Anita Li

Second Year Essay

“Death, Sex and American Nationalism: James Baldwin and Lauren Berlant” by Claire Laville 
(Honourable Mention)

Third Year Essays

“A Demand for Dynamic Discourse: Joyce’s Unpacking of Dublin Society” by Alexander Eastwood

“The Formalistic Cradle: Stanley Fish, New Criticism, and the Practical Efficacy of Interpretative Communities” by Tim Harrison

“Skirt-Chasing the American Dream: Otherness, Sexuality, and Manifest Destiny in Lolita and Portnoy’s Complaint” by Deborah Perkins-Leitman 

“ ‘Hear the Song We Bring’: Deconstructing the Country House in Leapor’s ‘Crumble Hall’ ” by Angie Lim 
(Honourable Mention)

Fourth Year Essays

“Alice’s Physical Growth in Wonderland: A Journey of Self Acceptance” by Amanpreet Dhami

“Englishness in The Remains of the Day and England, England” by Chloe Flower

“The Struggle Against Economics in Huckleberry Finn” by Justin Norris


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